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Judd Wood is originally from Lexington, South Carolina, and currently lives in South Florida. He is a watchmaker and collector of 20+ years, a practiced amateur photographer, and an enthusiast of adventure and travel.

As a watchmaker, Judd worked his way from small-town watch shop apprentice to positions with some of the most prestigious and significant brands in traditional and modern watchmaking. During seven years at Ulysse Nardin, he was able to appreciate, hands-on, the creative complications of Ludwig Oechslin and advanced materials and innovations the brand was known for; following that, he spent several years working for Vacheron Contstantin, steeped in tradition and requiring adherence to some of the most strict standards in the watchmaking industry. Presently, Judd is in his fourth year working for F. P. Journe, trusted with service and restoration of iconic pieces created by Francois-Paul Journe. Most recently, Judd co-founded MEC watches, with the aim of creating modern mechanical watches designed and made in America.

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